What are your operating hours?

Enquiries will be answered on Monday – Friday from 10am – 8pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm. Please give us some time to get back to your enquiries.
For urgent matters, drop us a Whatsapp text at 97850643.

Where are you located?

For online bookings, self-collection point is at AMK area (5 mins away from Amk mrt)


 Do I have to create an account to do a booking?

Yes, you have to create an account to do a rental booking with us. Please click here to sign up an account to track your orders and enjoy exclusive promotions.

What is the rental process?

a. To make a rental booking, register for an account.

b. Fill in your particulars and click ‘Save’

c. Go back to the main menu and browse through the float by categories or through the search button

d. Select the float designs you are interested in with the dates and proceed to checkout

Pricing is inclusive of refundable deposit. Select ‘book now’ and items will be added to cart

e. Check your booking details. If you have a booking code, enter your code and click ‘Apply Coupon’

f. Select the self-collection or Delivery method option. Key in the postal code of your location and click ‘Update Totals’

g. Check your billing details, it will be auto updated if you have input your particulars when registering an account

h. Add on a pump rental. Select the timings in the dropdown function if you have opted for the self-collection option. Select ‘Not Applicable’ if you have opted for a Delivery option. We will get in touch with you regarding the delivery timings.

i. Select your mode of payment and click ‘Place Order’

j. A booking email with the rental details you’ve selected will be automatically sent to you. Another email will be sent to you within 24 hours once payment have been verified with the pickup address. Do add us to your mailing list and check your spam folder to see if the email landed there.

k. Bring along your confirmation slip to the stated address to collect your items.

l. Return the items on the return date

m. Items will be checked and charges (if any) will be informed to you in 2-3 working days

n. The deposit will be refunded by us in 2-3 working days, there will be an additional 2 days for the amount to be reflected on your credit card. Approximate time to receive your deposit: 5 working days.

View booking video here:

Why can’t I select the floats?

It means that the float design you have selected on your date is fully booked out. Please be advised to book them as soon as your event is confirmed especially if it falls on peak months.

How many days in advance should I rent the floats?

Preferably 2 weeks in advance to book your favourite designs. Minimum 2 days in advance for us to prepare and pre-arrange for self-collection. We will need 24 hours in advance to process your order after payment.

Do you provide pump rentals?

Yes, pump rentals are separate. It is highly recommended to rent the electric pump to assist you to inflate & deflate the floats easily. Note: Pump rentals selection are selected at checkout after adding floats to shopping cart.
*Free electric pump rental for amount > $150 (inclusive of refundable deposit) Discount code:freepump

How can I ensure that the floats are in good working condition?

You should check the float(s) & electric pump within 24 hours after collection and notify us should there be any problems.

How do I use the floats/pumps?

An instruction card is provided in the rental package to guide you on how to care for the items. Please read through carefully before inflating the floats. Some basic rules for using the floats are as follows:

– Do not over inflate the floats
– Do not place the float(s) in water overnight
– Do not attempt to jump on the float(s)!
– Do not drag the floats on the ground
– Kindly use the float in the pool only
– Kindly use the electric pump to deflate the float(s) and not use force to deflate them

Keep watch of the electric pump inflating the float(s) AT ALL TIMES, do not leave it unattended. It will result in float explosion.

– Let the electric pump work at an interval of 10 mins. Eg: pump 10 mins, rest 5 mins.
– Do not let the electric pump come in contact with water

While packing the floats for return, do ensure that the floats are dry & all items are packed into the bags provided.

Do you provide add-on services for inflation/deflation of floats?

Yes we do. Simply email us if you require add-on services and we will provide you a quote.

Orders & Payment

How do I pay for my order?

We accept payments via Visa, Mastercard debit or credit cards, Paypal and Alipay, Bank transfer.

Can I amend my order?

Yes you can, however there will be a processing fee of $3 for change of rental dates or float designs within 2 weeks of the collection date (subjected to float availability). Do email in to beachyfloat@gmail.com with your order number to request for the amendments

Can I cancel my order?

To ensure your order is processed smoothly, we are unable to cancel your order after confirmation. However in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as flight cancellation, it will be converted to store credits for future usage (valid for 6 months from receipt date)

How long does it take for confirmation of my order?

An order email will be sent to you once you’ve placed an order with us & payment made.

Another booking confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours with the collection details after payment is verified. Once you receive the booking confirmation email, your order is confirmed.

Do you offer 1 day rental?

Yes we do, after gathering feedback from customers, we now offer 1 day rentals. It will appear as 2 days rental so as to cater to customer preference.

e.g Event on 27th July
Collection on morning/afternoon 27th July & return the next day 28th July
E.g Collection and return on same day 28th July (simply input in ‘Notes’ during checkout the actual date of collection/return)

What if I want to rent 3/4 days?

For 3/4 days, it will be counted as 5 days rental price

What if I want to rent 6 days?

For 6 days, it will be counted as 7 days rental price.

e.g 5 days/7 days rental
3 – 4 days will be considered as 5 days rental price & 6 days will be considered as 7 days rental price

How are the rental dates calculated?

Rental period starts from the day the float is collected to the return date
E.g: 1 – 8 Jan is 8 days rental, not 7 days

Do you offer bulk price if I rent more floats?

Yes we do! For more information, do drop us an email at beachyfloat@gmail.com

Can I change designs in the float bundle?

Unfortunately not as our bundle products are fixed, should you wish to rent an item that is not within the bundle, simply add to cart and check out.


Do I need to place a deposit?

Yes, we will require the relevant deposit amount depending on which float you are interested in. This is to safeguard our float(s) to ensure that we will be compensated in the event when the floats are damaged upon return.

When will the deposits be refunded back?

Deposits will be refunded in 2-3 working days once we have verified that the return float is not damaged. There will be an additional 2 days for the amount to be reflected on your credit card. Approximate time to receive your deposits: 5 working days. ​An email will be sent to you once we have processed your refund.

In the event of a damaged float, we will take 2 extra working days to refund the remaining deposit (we will need more time to assess the situation)

How do I receive my deposit & how do I know if it is processed?

Please refer to the above question for the timeline of the refund. The deposit will be refunded back to your original mode of payment.
A refund email will be sent to you once the refund is made.

Can refunds be done on the day of return?

We are unable to do refunds on the day of return as we will need time to check the returned items. It will not be possible to check the floats on the spot and refund in cash. We seek your understanding in this matter.

What if I cannot return the items on time?

You may ask someone to return the items on behalf of you at the pre-arranged time. Should you wish to amend the return timing, do email to beachyfloat@gmail.com to inform us.

How much are the charges for damage floats or pumps?

It will depend on the severity of the damage. We will send you images of the affected areas on the floats or pumps to justify the amount we will be charging you for.

Self Collection & Delivery

Where is the collection/return point?

Self collection point is 5 mins away from AMK MRT. A confirmation email with the exact venue & timing will be emailed to you.

All pickups and return are strictly done by appointment only.

Can I amend the self-collection timing?

Please email us 1 day in advance should you wish to return the items earlier. Please select from the timings we have and let us know which slot you prefer, we will revert on whether the slot is available.

Do you provide delivery service?

Yes we do deliver islandwide except for restricted areas! Simply fill up your postal code during checkout to get the delivery rate. Delivery timings will be arranged in email after order confirmation. Do note that the earliest delivery timing will be 10am and latest pick up timing will be 930pm, should your requested timing be out of range, surcharge fee of $5 is applicable per trip.

Can I get someone to self-collect on my behalf?

Yes, of course. Do ask the collector to bring along the collection slip for verification purpose. We reserve the right to hold back the items should you fail to produce the slip.


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